Elasticated Tubular Bandage / 2191 - Elbow / Ankle / Knee


OPPO Elasticated Tubular Bandage allows complete free movement while maintaining comfort and providing limb support and protection.

The bandage is cut from a roll, so you can use exactly what is needed, eliminating unnecessary waste.

It is quick and easy to fit, with no pins or tape needed. The bandage provides a firm fit to ensure lasting, effective support for sprains, strains and weak joints.

OPPO Elasticated Tubular Bandage product code 2191 is suitable for a medium elbow, medium ankle or small knee with a width between 16cm – 24cm.


One Size Fits All. 

Fits Medium Elbow, Medium Ankle or Small Knee

Width 16cm - 24cm


Tubular Bandage Sizing Guide

Code Size Wrist Elbow Ankle Knee Thigh
2190 13.5 - 16cm S S
2191 16 - 24cm M M S
2192 24 - 34cm L M S
2193 34 - 44cm L M S
2194 44 - 49cm L M
2195 49 - 59cm L


Hand wash and air dry, then spread with talcum powder. Do not machine dry.