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OPPO Supports provide a varied range of products for the entire body and to suit a broad range of ailments and injuries. The OPPO Support range is recognised as a leader for both quality and consistency in the field of medicine, with the superior characteristics of each item ensuring OPPO Supports are extremely effective in the prevention of injuries.

Oppo are well respected amongst medicine physicians and physiotherapists

Providing comfortable support to help with the healing and rehabilitation process.

Superior stretch durability and comfort

All supports stretch 360° and will not lose this stretching capability over the lifetime of the products. All the supports are extremely durable and will remain effective even after repeated washing.

Increased Circulation

A positive by-product of therapeutic heat is increased blood circulation to the applicable muscle group. This desirable effect has been shown to be extremely helpful to both arthralgic and post-arthroscopy conditions. In addition, increased circulation optimises muscular performance.

We're well respected

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Oppo supports really helped me with my recovery from given ailment

Jenny C

I’d recommend Oppo to everyone, great product, super reliable, couldn’t ask for more.

Marsha T