Benefits of a Finger Splint

The fingers and thumb are at the extremity of your body, so as the joints are more delicate they can be vulnerable to injury as a result of recreational or occupational accidents.

Common problems include mallet finger, dislocation, fracture and trigger finger, which is a condition that affects the tendon making it difficult to bend the finger towards the palm.

Sports people can also be vulnerable to finger and thumb injuries, especially those that use their hands such as basketball players.

The fingers can also suffer from osteoarthritis or degenerative joint disease, as well as rheumatoid arthritis which can attack the joints and cause deformity of the hand.

How Does a Finger Splint Help Recovery From Injury?

A finger splint can be very effective in helping recovery from injury or conditions such as trigger finger, as the splint will help to maintain the finger or thumb into a neutral position.

A splint will also provide protection from further injury while offering suitable support to improve tissue recovery.

The OPPO Finger Splint Range

OPPO offers a range of four different finger splints, which are all available with a lightweight aluminium outer shell for protection as well as foam padding for comfort.

The OPPO Open Thimble Splint (code 4283) encloses finger injuries while offering protection on all four sides, while the Premium Finger Splint (4281) can be folded to help grip the finger and maintain the joint in the correct position.

OPPO Finger Splints offer great value at just £1.99 and can also be used to treat thumb conditions, sprains and injury just as effectively.


Finger / Thumb Splint 4280 


Premium Finger / Thumb Splint 4281


Open Thimble Splint / 4283


Finger / Thumb Splint 4825


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