Hot and Cold Knee, Ankle and Elbow Wrap / 4720


This Hot and Cold OPPO Wrap features an adjustable foam cover and an enclosed Gel-Pack for ice/heat retention. It can be used for hot and cold therapy on the ankle, elbow, knee and thigh.

The superior quality elastic straps with Velcro fasteners adhere to any point on the wrap and provide desired compression.

Cold therapy is excellent for treating strains, sprains, bruises, swelling and other muscular injuries. The Gel-Pack should be placed in the freezer for two and half hours before being placed in an OPPO Wrap or towel and applied to the injured area. Wrap and secure the hook and loop strap to the desired compression.

The Gel-Pack can also be used for heat therapy which is effective for soothing tight and sore muscles. For best results, bring water to the boil then remove from stove and place pack in the water for 8-10 minutes.

If heating in the microwave, place the Gel-Pack in a microwaveable container then cover with water. Heating Gel-Packs may vary depending on wattage. Heat water for maximum of two minutes (based on 600W). Remove and test before using.



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