Recommended Sprained Ankle Supports

An ankle sprain is a common injury which is caused when the ligaments in the ankle joint are damaged by being torn, stretched or twisted.

This most commonly occurs when the ankle twists inwards (forced supination), so the ankle turns towards the inside of your body while your weight goes the other way.

An ankle sprain can occur while playing sports, running or simply as a result of an awkward landing at home, on a broken pavement or an uneven surface.

If you suffer from a sprained ankle then there will be throbbing, pain and swelling on the ankle as a result of any damage to the ligaments. You will have difficulty putting any weight on the ankle and have difficulty in walking any longer than short distances. An ankle sprain is an extremely common injury and many people will have suffered from it at some point.

Treatment for an Ankle Sprain

The recommended treatment for an ankle sprain will depend upon the severity of the damage to the ligaments. Most minor injuries can be treated at home by following the PRICE procedure (Protect, Rest, Ice, Compress and Elevate).

This means that you should rest and take the weight off the ankle as soon as possible, and ice the affected area with an ice bag or another cold compress. You should do this every 15 to 20 minutes for the first few hours, and the cold treatment will help to reduce swelling and bruising.

After ice treatment is complete, you should then compress the area with an elastic bandage or tubular bandage and elevate your ankle and keep it supported above the level of your heart.

Best Sprained Ankle Support

You should not wear an elastic bandage when you sleep, and it is not practical to keep your ankle elevated for an extended period of time so this is when a sprained ankle support can help your recovery.

A good quality ankle support will protect your injury as well as providing stability, support and maximum compression to the ankle.

OPPO provides a wide range of ankle supports, ranging from elasticated supports made from quality surgical elastic to neoprene supports which also retain body heat as well as offering a higher level of support and compression.

Many of these supports can be used if you have suffered from a sprained ankle to aid recovery and help you get back on your feet.

OPPO Ankle Support / 1001

Sprained Ankle Support

This high quality neoprene ankle support has an open toe and heel design which allows a full range of movement. It provides compression and support for injured ankles, and also relieves pain due to strains and stiffness.

This support will help your ankle heal faster after injury, and the neoprene rubber layer is sandwiched between durable cotton and nylon laminates.

This helps to retain body heat, increasing blood circulation to accelerate the body’s natural healing process and relieving pain and swelling.

This support is ideal for recovery from a sprained ankle and is available for just £8.50.


OPPO Ankle Support with Velcro / 1004

Another recommended sprained ankle support is this support which includes a Velcro strap. The strap ensures a comfortable fit, and helps with stabilisation so it is great if you are more active.

This support also an open toe and heel design as well as of the benefits of neoprene and is available for £12.99.

The OPPO range also includes elasticated ankle supports as well as tubular bandage, wraps and hot and cold therapy. Ankle Supports are also available from our sister brand LP Supports.

Our range of products suit a broad range of ailments and injuries to aid the recovery process and help you to get back on your feet.


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