The Best Knee Support for Arthritis

OPPO provides a number of knee supports which are recommended for arthritis. These supports are examined in more detail below as well as in this useful at-a-glance guide.

 Best Knee Supports for Arthritis

Elasticated Knee Support / 2022


Neoprene Knee Support / 1022



The knee joint

The knee is the largest joint in the body, and provides an important function as it helps us to stand straight, run, twist, turn and enjoy all of the activities that help us to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

The knee joint is the meeting place of the femur (thighbone), patella (kneecap) and tibia (shinbone), with the bones covered by articular cartilage for protection and cushioning. There are also two semilunar-shaped discs of cartilage called menisci within the knee joint, which help to provide shock absorption and enhance stability.

Types of arthritis in the knees

The most commonly found type of arthritis in the knee is osteoarthritis. This is a progressive condition which affects people as they get older as the cartilage in the knee thins.

This means that the ability of the tissue to stretch declines, and as the cartilage wears away it becomes less effective at protecting and cushioning the bones. This can result in the bones rubbing together, causing pain in the knee as well as bone spurs as the body attempts to heal itself.

As osteoarthritis develops slowly over time, the increase in pain can occur gradually and it may be noticed when climbing the stairs, standing after being in a sitting position for a long time or just going for a walk. Pain can also be worse during damp or cold conditions.

Another form of arthritis that commonly affects people is rheumatoid arthritis. This is completely different to osteoarthritis as it is a chronic disease that affects the joint rather than being a progressive condition that worsens over time.

Rheumatoid arthritis occurs when the outer covering of the knee joint (the synovium) begins to swell. This results in pain, stiffness in the knee and it may cause the bone and cartilage to break down.

There are several other forms of arthritis in the knee, and the symptoms will vary depending on the condition that you have. That is why it is important to get a proper diagnosis to determine the best course of treatment.

Best Knee Supports for Arthritis

Although there is no cure for arthritis, a good quality knee support or brace can help to relieve pain from the condition when worn in conjunction with exercise and a healthy lifestyle.

Knee supports are a great way to get you on the road to recovery, as they provide warmth and support to the joint as well as cushioning and some structure.

They will help you to have more confidence in the knee, as well as getting more exercise which is vitally important in the recovery from arthritis.

OPPO Elasticated Knee Support

Best Knee Support for Arthritis

OPPO Elasticated Knee Support / 2022 - £6.99

The OPPO Elasticated Knee Support is very effective in the treatment of mild forms of arthritis.

It is made from quality 4-way stretchable material and includes a cotton lining for long lasting, comfortable support. It provides compression and support to the knee, as well as minimising the chance of further injury.

The OPPO Elasticated Knee Support is priced at £6.50 and is available in several different sizes.


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OPPO Neoprene Knee Support

OPPO Neoprene Knee Support / 1022 - £11.99

For extra support, the OPPO Neoprene Closed Knee Support is recommended.

The neoprene material helps to retain body heat and increase blood circulation, which helps to relieve pain, swelling and stiffness. It is designed to fit neatly under clothing and is easy to slip on and off.


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If you are suffering from the symptoms of arthritis, then this doesn’t have to compromise your lifestyle.

The combination of a good quality knee support for arthritis as well as a healthy lifestyle and good medical advice means you can continue to enjoy the life that you love.


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