When to Use a Back Brace for Posture

What causes poor posture?

There are many causes of poor posture and they can vary from person to person. An office worker may have a poor posture and issues with the shoulder from being hunched over a computer, while someone lifting heavy weights repeatedly may have problems with a lower back strain.

Sitting and driving for long periods of time can also contribute to poor posture, as well as simple activities such as leaning one leg, sticking your bottom out when standing or just by slouching in a chair.

As the spine is in an unnatural position when you are taking up a poor posture, this results in a build of pressure on the joints, muscles and vertebrae. Although you may not feel the results of poor posture immediately, it can lead to back and neck pain over time.

There is further information on the causes of poor posture, posture mistakes and how to correct them can be found on the NHS website.

Maintaining a correct posture

It is therefore very important to maintain a good posture whenever possible, and keeping good habits when walking, sitting for long periods and lifting can all help to avoid back pain.

These include tips such as looking straight ahead when walking, keeping your spine in correct alignment and keeping your back flush against the office chair when at work.

However, it can be difficult to remember to maintain the correct posture when concentrating on a report or doing the school run, so this is where a good quality posture brace can help to provide proper posture support and avoid long term back pain.

What is the Best Back Brace for Posture?

A posture brace will be specifically designed to correct poor posture, while also helping to relieve upper back pain and prevent progressive deformity.

OPPO Posture Brace with Steel Stay

OPPO Posture Brace with Steel Stay

OPPO Posture Brace with Steel Stay / 2275 - £23.99

The OPPO Posture Brace with Steel Stay is one of our recommended back braces for posture. It is designed with a triangle configuration to properly distribute pressure to the tip of the shoulder.

The brace also includes additional stays which reinforce back alignment, as well as elastic straps which hold the shoulder back in proper position.

The criss-crossing straps are easy to adjust, so this posture brace is comfortable to wear and is an excellent way to help correct poor posture and prevent slouching.


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OPPO Posture Aid / Clavicle Brace

OPPO Posture Aid / Clavicle Brace

OPPO Posture Aid / Clavicle Brace / 2075 - £9.99

An alternative product from OPPO is the Posture Aid / Clavicle Brace.

This brace immobilises the clavicles to promote healing while also helping to prevent poor posture.

The brace allows normal movement with posture correction during daily activities, so is an excellent aid in correcting poor posture and shoulder slump. It provides a constant reminder to sit, stand and walk with back straight and shoulders back.


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There are many benefits to improving your posture, as it keeps the bones and joints in alignment and decreases the stress on the ligaments which hold the spine together.

A posture brace is easy to use as well as being comfortable to wear and it will help to alleviate back pain and promote good habits which are beneficial to long term health.


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